"...his music developed a feel of his new home and halcyon days of the singer-songwriter brigade of the late 1960s, 1970s located there."
~Maurice Hope, Americana UK


"...his style, a mix of '70s west coast hippie groove and classic cosmic country certainly has a deal in common with various ex-inhabitants of the area, including Neil Young, Emmylou Harris and Little Feat - together with the latest wave of Los Angeles musicians, best exemplified by Jonathan Wilson and Beachwood Sparks...it's that mix of the modern and the old that makes "A Light And A Line" so appealing. I can't recommend this album highly enough."
~Leicester Bangs


"There is something true, even timeless about this music – it feels neither contemporary nor nostalgic...a wonderful blend of folk and country music, with some pop elements...one element leading to that overall vibe is Philip’s voice, which has a sweet vulnerability and earnestness...If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, please consult a physician."
~Michael Doherty's Music Log


"On his second album we learn to know him as a sensitive young man who fits between musical countrymen Dawes and Jonathan Wilson."
~John Gjaltema, Altcountry.nl

"...when listening to these songs, you think back to the sound of the better singer-songwriters of the seventies."
~Freddy Celis, Rootstime

"Boone’s A Light and a Line meshes confident vocals with strong instrumentation and recording style to create an wonderfully comfortable album...He knows his strengths, plays to them well, and produces one of my favorite country-rock albums of the year. The vocals simply shine throughout; in a genre where the telling of the thing is everything, Boone knows how to deliver a melody and a story. Highly recommended for fans of indie-folk and alt-country."
~Stephen Carradini, Independent Clauses   


"Once upon a time in late 1960s, a few scruffy musicians decided that country and rock music were two great tastes that tasted great together. And thus was born a new style of music that retained elements of both while staking out some new stylistic territory. Philip Boone is a Southern California-based musician who is richly steeped in this country-rock tradition, but his breezy songs and gentle vocals owe as much to Nick Drake as they do Gram Parsons. The rest of the requisite elements are here: plentiful acoustic guitars, reedy harmonica chords, blissful, utilitarian drums and a piano that's pleasantly and ever so slightly out of tune."
~Joe Armstrong, Independent's Day/Lancer Radio  


"Philip's voice cleared the air with songs that brought the seasons, stars, houses and homes within his grasp, without overreaching...This was music worth hearing...Philip has a vulnerable tenor voice with an honest quality and a touch of innocence…There's a little mystery and a touch of awe crafted into these songs with lyrics that draw me in."
~Billy's Bunker Music Reviews